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Planting Gallery - - Planting Season 2009 / Planting Days (marco Antonio's Farm)

Farm Owner: Marco Antonio Gomez, CostaRican Citizen

Location: Tierras Morenas, Valle de San Juan de Dios, Aguirre, Costa Rica

GPS Points:

Trees Planted: 250

The family of Marco Antonio Gomez from Tierras Morenas Costa Rica are working cooperative with ACCT to launch our multi-purpose biodiverse forest grown cooperatively with your sponsorship and our commitment to the long term care and management of trees.

With workers Alvaro Cerdas and his son Leandro, fencelines were drawn to section off a three acre area.

For the 2009 planting season, we planted 250 trees on the Marc Antony Gomez farm. We planded a mix of 58 native tree species, with an eye toward sustainable management of the land and the water resources.

Thanks to Community Carbon Tree Sponsors for making Planting Season 2009 possible. They are leading the way for others to join in and make real this great dream of ordinary people doing something to lend a hand to bring our Earth into balance and find new ways to conserve our precious natural resources no matter where we live. With more hope than ever, Community Carbon Trees wants to work with you to plant and maintain trees for Future Generations!!

We will take great care of these trees, so be sure to check our website, especially in the rainy season (June to November) to see maintenance work and the progress of the trees you sponsored for future generations!
Thank you for the trees and from me!

Jennifer Smith